Tristan Melle
Fashion Illustrator / Designer / Stylist

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Originating from the UK Tristan Melle trained in Fashion Design / Illustration and worked with a number of high-end and high street brands. Moving to Australia in 2000 Tristan has worked for a number of womenswear brands from Nicholas to his own namesake brand Tristan Melle. Constantly evolving and growing Tristan has been concentrating on his Fashion illustration and Styling, playing with mixed media and texture.
What does water mean to you? 
Water is life. Without it, we cannot survive; it belongs to everyone and shouldn’t be sold for greed and power. Water is energy, purifying and a constant inspirational power. “We can’t live without it, so maybe we should start respecting it and ensuring everyone has access to clean flowing water without a price tag.
What does water mean to out planet and our people? 
Water the main reason for life on Earth continuously circulates through one of Earth’s most powerful systems: the water cycle. Water flows endlessly between the ocean, atmosphere, and land. Water is not for the rich or poor but everyone. Lets make it this way and stop putting a price on it.
How would you explain to someone the role water plays in our lives? 
Some see water as a commodity like everything else that can make them rich; they will claim it as their own to sell. Yet it cannot be “owned” or kept. Water will move mountains particle by particle with a subtle hand; it will paint the world with beauty and colour to keep us all alive, it will travel through the universe and transform the world. Water is one of the strongest elements in the world, lets respect what we have and ensure everyone has access to clean flowing water as mother nature intended.

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