Sarah Jane Lightfoot

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Sarah Jane Lightfoot is a Melbourne based artist whose work is heavily influenced by the natural world. Her work has featured in publications and multiple group exhibitions. She has taught botanical illustration and watercolour workshops with Work-shop Melbourne, NGV, Creative spark and The Workshop Cafe. 
Sarah’s artwork aims to render the beauty and intricacy of the natural world onto paper. She appreciates the process of creating analogue artworks and focuses her time and energy creating hand rendered illustrations with great detail and precision. The native flora and fauna of Australia has always had a strong influence in her work. The conservation of the Australian Landscape is a continuing theme in her artworks. She tries to implement a sustainable art practice wherever possible using recycled papers, inks, frames and biodegradable materials. 
What does water mean to you?
I start each day with a big gulp of water from the tap before I stumble to the toilet. I flush away with water and glance out the window to rain falling down. I put the kettle on and boil water to make my coffee. I put on my jeans knowing that litres upon litres of water were needed to grow enough cotton to make them. I slide on a t-shirt, more litres of water used so that I can warp the soft cotton around me. On goes the raincoat to protect me from the rain falling down. Sip on my morning coffee and feed the cats, top up their water and off I go to work.
Water is life and to be honest I take it for granted. Everyday day starts with a routine flowing with water and I don’t think twice about it. When I gulp the water I’m thinking about the dreams I just had not about the privilege of accessing water from a tap. When I flush the toilet (sometimes twice) I don’t consider the luxury this action is. When I see the rain fall I’m disappointed I can’t ride my bike into work. Water gives us life and it aids us in so many parts of our lives. It is a truly amazing resource that should be cherished and celebrated and more importantly readily available and accessible to everyone in this world.

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