Carla Scotto
Illustrator, designer, animator, sometimes comedian

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Carla is a Melbourne based artist who uses art to express her concerns about the environment, while also using humour to keep people interested and engaged. You may have seen her work online, and you may have been made to feel guilty about your bad plastic habits. 
What does water mean to you?
Water to me is priceless and so undervalued. We treat it the same way we treat the rest of our planet, like there’s plenty more where it came from. It was there at the beginning of the universe and is rightly so central to our existence. I’m worried of a time where we don’t always have clean water readily available in our homes, and this is a reality for so many. With rainfall steadily becoming more infrequent and scarce, the time to treat water as the precious resource it is needs to happen now, like a switch being flipped. Every decision we make has the potential to save so much energy and water, quit meat, opt for dairy free, buy nothing new for a year – or try it for the rest of your life.

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Thursday 13th June, 2019
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Glasshaus Inside
44 Cremorne St,
Cremorne VIC 3121

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